I’m all about preserving and celebrating our Cornish heritage while embracing the modern world. Here’s how:


  1. Heritage Guardian: Protect and promote our traditions using storytelling, music, and poetry.
  2. Modern Creativity: Create contemporary works that celebrate Cornwall’s history and inspire others.
  3. Education and Advocacy: Share Cornwall’s history, language, and traditions through workshops and talks.
  4. Blend Tradition and Innovation: Use technology to connect with a global audience while respecting our heritage.
  5. Cornish Language Revival: Revitalize and promote the Cornish language if fluent.
  6. Collaboration: Work with fellow artists and communities to strengthen cultural bonds.
  7. Documentation: Record and document our performances and stories for future generations.
  8. Mentoring: Nurture young talents to keep the bardic tradition alive.
  9. Address Contemporary Themes: Discuss current issues relevant to Cornwall.
  10. Foster Unity: Strive to unite and instill pride within Cornwall and Cornish communities worldwide.

I aim to bridge Cornwall’s timeless heritage and the modern world, sharing our unique culture and ensuring its continuity.